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When selling real estate, the following questions may arise:

a) How to sell your apartment, house or commercial premise in another words real estate object?
b) How to do it without paying anyone too much?
c) Which real estate company You should turn to, in order to find a solution that best suits Your needs?

The first question is easy to answer. In order to sell your real estate object, the following steps should be completed:

• Take pictures of the rooms;

• Determine the price that You want to get for Your property. It is enough to look around in real estate portals and identify the prices of similar objects;

• Put a sales ad for your object in various Internet channels (e.g. City24, kv.ee, ekspresskinnisvara.ee, oki-doki.ee) and newspapers (e.g. Referent, Soov, Kuldne Börs, etc);

• Show Your property to potential customers;

• If a customer decides for Your property, wait until he has acquired the necessary funds;

• When the purchaser has secured the necessary amount, book an appointment at a notary's office and go to complete the transaction together with the buyer;

• After the conclusion of the transaction, hand over the keys and items that are to be transferred to the buyer with the property, pursuant to the agreement.

The idea seems very simple, quick and profitable. Hereby arises the answer to the third question: why assign any real estate agent at all, when you can successfully sell an apartment, a commercial premise or other property yourself?

And You are right, You don't need to assign any agents because they will just do as described above. At least many of them!

When selling Your property, You should certainly pay attention to how to achieve Your final goal efficiently, without trouble or too much effort. In the given case, Your final goal is not only to sell the apartment. And here are hidden all the difficulties that agents often cannot solve. The process may also prove complicated for You if You decide to sell the property yourself. During different stages of the sales process, problems that do not depend on You may arise. Here You can get help from methods, that are not well-known in Estonia yet, but are widely used in the United States, Germany and Japan. LPS has examined those methods over a long time and united them successfully.

If You wish to learn more about how to find the most efficient solution for selling Your property, please call us:

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