Leading Property Solutions Llc.
Reg. Nr.: 11387367
VAT reg. Nr: EE101148780


Mustamäe tee 24, 10621 Tallinn
Tel.: +372 5326 7326
Swedbank, IBAN nr.: EE982200221036232249

Opening hours of LPS office:   

Mo - Fr 10.00 - 18.00                   

Sa - Su closed


General Info

The Legend

stands for Leading Property Solutions.

The name was inspired by legends and stories where stars led people to various desired places and destinations: ships reached the shores thanks to stars and captains, who knew how to read them; the three wisemen came to the cradle of Christ with the help of a star... Stars have always carried mystical features giving people hope and strength. 

This way the idea for the logo of LPS was born. Our logo comprises the globe and three stars above it. The stars symbolize choosing the Right Direction, finding a Solution and reaching the Goal - exactly what we provide our clients with. Our main objective is to achieve a situation, where everyone finds his or her own Star in LPS. We desire to lead people to finding right solutions in the field of real estate.

The Missions

The most important missions of LPS are:

1. Helping and guiding our clients to right choices in the field of real estate: our objective is to help people to make the financially profitable decisions that help our clients to fulfil their wishes.

2. Providing efficient and productive service using modern and innovative tools: We are always more innovative than our competitors, because we are not afraid of trying new methods. We choose the best from all trials and develop them within our system, in order to further increase the efficiency of our services.

3. Creating a strong and hard-working team: LPS commits much time and resources to ensure that the team is able to achieve a better result than expected by a client or provided by a competitor. For our team, words like "I don't know" or "I can't do it" are in conflict with their professional principles. 

4. Motivating people to more actively use the best service to fulfil their wishes: LPS is brave in its statements and its deeds, because we work with conscience. We want to introduce this idea to our clients in order to improve the overall quality level of real estate service.



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